i'm also a photographer that would love to be friends! 

oh hey there!

I’m 29 years old and I like to see the world in a bit more whimsical way. I have always been  creative, and some of my interests come in the form of art (check out my art page!), singing, decorating, playing piano, guitar, and writing.  Sometimes I dye my hair funky colors on a whim, and I have 5 tattoos. I’m short, a little sassy and if I hear you quoting a show, movie, or song that I enjoy you best believe I will jump right in!  My husband Kirk and I live in Grand Rapids, MI with our Bernedoodle puppy Appa (holla if you know the reference!) and we’ve been married almost 5 years!


I began to pursue photography 9 years ago, and what started as a fun hobby along the way has become such a deep part of who I am, and now my full time job! I love to photograph natural beauty and real people in real life; to capture candid moments and also experiment with new ideas and take creative images that evoke a mood. I want your photos to feel like the essence of you, whether you are unique, quirky, classic, or edgy. It’s been so amazing finding my style as a photographer and to have my clients trust my vision.


I’ll (hopefully) make you laugh with my terrible dad jokes, put you at ease by singing along loudly to the radio when we travel location-to-location, and you’ll probably end up hearing about how much I love Alice in Wonderland, plants, baby Yoda, and pretty much any type of food (particularly nachos!). I promise you that we will be fast friends and you’ll feel like you’ve known me forever. I’m honored that you think we can make something great together and so happy to meet you!